Thursday, 9 July 2009

Scottish Word Translations

Here’s a rudimentary list of words you might hear or see if you're living in Scotland. Some will be obvious. Others a little less so. Many are probably the same in England, but, not having lived there, I'm not sure.

Ante-natal: Prenatal
Aubergine: Eggplant
Bicarbonate of Soda: Baking Soda
Biscuit: Cookie or Cracker
Black Treacle: Molasses
Bonnet: Hood (of the car)
Boot: Trunk (of the car)
Brofen: Ibuprofen
Chips: French Fries
Crisps: Chips
Coriander: Cilantro
Cot: Crib
Courgette: Zucchini
Crèche: Nursery
Crib or Moses Basket: Bassinet
Diary: Day Planner/Appointment Book
Dummy: Pacifier
Flapjacks: Something like a granola bar
(Lyle's) Golden Syrup: Corn Syrup
Jelly: Jello
Jumper: Pullover Sweater
Mobile: Cell Phone
Napkin: Don't worry, you CAN still say 'napkin'
Nappies: Diapers
Neeps: Turnips
Pants: Underwear
Paracetamol: the equivalent of Acetaminophen
Pavement: Sidewalk
Pudding: Dessert
Rota: Rotational Schedule (like for nursery duty at church)
Rubbish Bin: Garbage Can
Scale & Polish: Tooth Cleaning (at the dentist)
Scan: Ultrasound
Scone: Biscuit or Scone
Tatties: Potatoes
Tea: 'The drink' or another way to say 'Dinner'
Tele: TV
The Wash: Laundry
Traybake: Kind of like brownies: dessert baked in a shallow baking dish & cut into squares
Treble: Triple
Trolley: Shopping Cart
Trousers: Pants
Vanilla Essence: Vanilla Extract
Vest: Baby Onesie
Washing-up Liquid: Dish Soap
Wellies: Rubber Boots

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